sven_hugo_joosten Sven Hugo Joosten – CEMMB

Sven Hugo Joosten is a dutch national that has lived, studied and worked in Austria since 1992. Originally educated in international relations he pursued a commercial career within Philips Electronics, DON GIL (Fashion Retail), JONES Fashion (Design, Production, Wholesale, Franchising) and Bestseller (Country Management Wholesale). Sven is an open-hearted performance orientated empathetic leader. A dedicated brand ambassador.

wolfgang_reichl  Wolfgang Reichl – FACE

Fashion- and Trend Scout for the Austrian national broadcasting company (ORF). Works as creative consultant for advertising, fashion & lifestyle, celebrity and networking. Through more than 25 years of national and international work experience, he has built up a global network in all these areas. Wolfgang is extremely dedicated to his work, a flexible and innovative thinker and a genius presenter and performer.


elisabeth_muth  Elisabeth Muth – Com.on

Elisabeth Muth is one of Austrias leading PR ladies. She has owned and managed several PR & marketing agencies. She is a highly innovative fashionista and keeps reinventing her businesses in parallel to the constantly changing fashion & lifestyle market. Her texting abilities are renown and the speed which with she writes them is simply amazing. Warm hearted Elisabeth is a focussed manager,  highly efficient and a great networker.
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Pictures: Sigrid Mayer